Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You'll live (AKA "die and get a molar")

Daddy was putting Tessa to bed and he went to put some anti-thumb sucking liquid on Tessa's thumb.

Tessa: That is irritating.

Daddy: That is what stops you from sucking your thumb.

Tessa: It is really irritating.

Daddy: You'll live.

Daddy puts Tessa to bed, she gets upset and Daddy locks the door until she calms down.

Tessa: If want me to live you will let me out. I will tell G-d to let me die. If you love me you will let me out.... You must not love me...YOU WANT ME TO DIE!!! Then I'm dying forever tomorrow...or maybe the next day or perhaps Friday....I AM GOING TO SPEND 5 DAYS DYING!!! If you don't want to let me die, you better open this door...

At some point Zach comes out of his room.

Zach: I did not brush my teeth.

Daddy: Go brush them real quick and then go back to bed.

Tessa: HA! HA! HA! We ALL forgot to brush our teeth.  We are going to get a MOLAR.  HA! HA! I am going to get a molar because I did not brush my teeth and you will be sorry.  I am going to MOLE at you every day.  We are going to get a MOLAR and we are going to die...die and get a MOLAR...If you don't want me to die you will open this door...I am not happy about this, I am going to get a MOLAR...

Hits door to her room

Tessa: Do I have to do that again?  I AM GOING TO GET A MOLAR!!!

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