Monday, January 31, 2011

Those Gluten Free Lips

Mommy has Celiac disease and subsequently has to eat a gluten free diet gluten free.

Mommy:  I need a kiss from Zach.

Zach: Don't kiss me with those gluten free lips!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Someone Who Cares

Zach was pouting and being grouchy outside of "The Land" area of Epcot in Disney. He was mad that we asked him to give his sister a hug in a picture.

He plopped his butt down in the garden area.

Zach: I want to go back to the hotel!

Daddy: If you cry, we're going to drop you off in "Find Someone Who Cares Land."

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cruising along in my automobile

Setting:  Sitting at a light on RT 50 with the windows rolled down in September.  Daddy driving the Camry and Tessa and Zach sitting in their car seats in the back.


Daddy looks around and everyone has their windows rolled up and there is no-one that constitutes "baby" anywhere to be seen.

Zach: (giggle) I just said "Hey baby I love you" out the window (giggle)


Tessa throws these incredibly melodramatic tantrums every once and a while and there is often little that you can do but keep her in her room.  She gets really mad and says some really strange stuff.  This recent episode was really kinda funny.


Daddy: You know you don't want to go around saying things like that.  People might try and take you away from us and they will be a lot meaner than we ever were.


Daddy:(rolls eyes and walks away)

20 mins pass
Tessa:  Daddy,  I need you to come up here and listen to what I am saying

Daddy: You just told me that I am not your Daddy

Tessa: I was yelling and angry.  You KNOW that none of that was real.

Daddy: You still need to clean your room...

Sean and Betsy's Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

Tessa was the flower-girl for Sean and Betsy's wedding in 2010.  We were at the rehearsal dinner and Betsy came by and gave Tessa a gift for being in the wedding (Complete collection of Winnie the Pooh if you are interested).  We continued to eat dinner and continued on our way.  After everyone concluded eating the speeches began.  After the standard people had their say the mic was opened to the audience.  Tessa and Zach immediately raised their hand to speak.

First Zach--Actually let me first explain Zach's obsession with sun glasses at the time of this "speech".  Zach became obsessed with wearing glasses constantly and proclaimed "I need them to see".  He would only take them off when it was bed time and when he was required to at school.  In fact at preschool picture day we had him remove the glasses and the teachers swore it was a miracle.--
Zach takes the mic and leans his head down so that he can see over his glasses then says "hello".  He then proceeds to flex his arm muscles for everyone to see and says "Errr!"

He then gives Tessa the mic.  She gets real dramatic and says "Sean and Betsy I love you guys.  Thank you for letting me be your flower girl...and thank you for getting me the gift that I always wanted.  (laughter ensues)...  I love it when people get me the gifts that I always wanted. "

Thanksgiving 2010

After Thanksgiving dinner, the parents, grandparents and kids were gathered around the table telling stories.  Tessa decided that she needed to chime in with a story of her own.

Tessa: Mommy and Daddy are really loud at night.  They keep me awake.  I hear them some time when I am supposed to be sleeping.

(Awkward silence, and many insinuating glaces toward parents)

Daddy takes the bait: O really?

Tessa: Yeah, you guys laugh so loud I can hear you in the other room (giggling because she thinks she is funny)

(Sighs of relief from all but mostly parents relieved that they do not have to keep the noise down)

Dinner in Orlando

Zach: My friend Daniel said that boys can marry other boys

Daddy: In some states they can

Zach: I think that I will marry Daniel

Daddy: Perhaps it would be a better idea to stick with girls for now