Friday, January 28, 2011

Sean and Betsy's Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

Tessa was the flower-girl for Sean and Betsy's wedding in 2010.  We were at the rehearsal dinner and Betsy came by and gave Tessa a gift for being in the wedding (Complete collection of Winnie the Pooh if you are interested).  We continued to eat dinner and continued on our way.  After everyone concluded eating the speeches began.  After the standard people had their say the mic was opened to the audience.  Tessa and Zach immediately raised their hand to speak.

First Zach--Actually let me first explain Zach's obsession with sun glasses at the time of this "speech".  Zach became obsessed with wearing glasses constantly and proclaimed "I need them to see".  He would only take them off when it was bed time and when he was required to at school.  In fact at preschool picture day we had him remove the glasses and the teachers swore it was a miracle.--
Zach takes the mic and leans his head down so that he can see over his glasses then says "hello".  He then proceeds to flex his arm muscles for everyone to see and says "Errr!"

He then gives Tessa the mic.  She gets real dramatic and says "Sean and Betsy I love you guys.  Thank you for letting me be your flower girl...and thank you for getting me the gift that I always wanted.  (laughter ensues)...  I love it when people get me the gifts that I always wanted. "

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