Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Mommy: Zach, you get to take a test next week at Sylvan.

Zach: YEAH, I am so lucky.  I LOVE tests.  WooHoo...  Mommy, what is a test?

Apple a Day

Grandpa: Do you know what an apple a day does?

Zach: An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.

Grandpa: What about two apples

Zach: Two apples a day keeps the DENTIST away.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Daddy was visiting PopTop in Richmond and saying that he was working on "Clouds"

Daddy: I am working on the "infamous cloud".  Making clouds work....whatever that really means.

Zach: Isn't that something that you do in second grade, make clouds?


Tessa: Next week I am going to be a Brownie.
Zach: I want a brownie
Mommy: Tessa is going to be a Brownie scout not a food
Zach: Then can I buy brownies from Tessa?