Saturday, April 30, 2011

Save your spot

Mommy and Zach were having a mommy/son evening watching TV on the couch alone in the house.

Mommy: I'm going to go to the bathroom

Zach: Don't worry, I will save your spot

Mommy comes back to find Zach's little hand where Mommy had been sitting

Zach: Mommy, I saved your spot

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reading to Daddy

Daddy reads to Tessa and Zach every night (that he is in town). He usually reads a book for each of them. Every once in a while he will have to forgo the book. The reasons for this include:

-It is too late, and Tessa and Zach need to get to bed pronto.
-One or both of them are misbehaving.
-There is only enough time for one book.

Most of these are pretty rare occasions, but they happen.

So one night Daddy jokingly suggests that Zach and Tessa read to him for a change.

Zach: You have been a bad Daddy today, so you do not get a book

Daddy: Pleeeeeaaase!

Zach: Your ear is too late

Daddy: But the rest of me is on time

Zach: Your face and nose are too late too!

Daddy: [makes sad face]

Zach: We can't read, Silly Daddy!

Mow her room

Tessa's good friend Kayla is always giving Zach and Tessa cute little gifts for different holidays. The other day she gave them candy bunnies in fake Easter grass. Tessa ate the bunnies immediately, then said excitedly, "I'm going to bring the grass right up to my room." She proceeded up the stairs and almost lovingly placed the grass among her various "treasures" (read: all items currently littering the floor of her messy room).

Later, while the kids were at swim lessons, Mommy tells the story to Daddy.

Mommy: Tessa did eat the candy, but she was more excited about the grass. She brought the grass up to her room.

Daddy: Great, now we need to mow her room too!

You shook the house

Zach has this thing about blaming others when he falls down. Like when he trips in the door way it was because you left something on the floor 10 feet away. This episode was particularly funny.

Daddy was in the bathroom cleaning up after the kids bath,when he hears Zach fall down off of his bed.

Daddy: What happened?

Zach: You made me fall because you shook the house when you walked.

Daddy: (laughing hard) Yeah, right. I am sure that was the case!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Selling Shoes

On the way back from the mall, where we purchased shoes for the kids, we were talking to Zach about the new shoes.

Zach: I want to sell my shoes that I am wearing right now.

Daddy: They have holes in them. Who would want to buy them?

Zach: Daniel would want to buy them.

Daddy: I highly doubt that.

Zach: Then I want to throw them in the forest so that now other person can use them. Only the tigers and the bears can have them.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Grandma, Tessa and Zach were sitting together at the house and Tessa gave Grandma a real funny look.

Grandma: What is wrong?

Tessa: You're not cute.

Grandma: Why would you say that?

Tessa: From where I am, you are just NOT cute.

Zach, who was not part of the conversation, butts in: Great Grandma is cute...She's real cute.