Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reading to Daddy

Daddy reads to Tessa and Zach every night (that he is in town). He usually reads a book for each of them. Every once in a while he will have to forgo the book. The reasons for this include:

-It is too late, and Tessa and Zach need to get to bed pronto.
-One or both of them are misbehaving.
-There is only enough time for one book.

Most of these are pretty rare occasions, but they happen.

So one night Daddy jokingly suggests that Zach and Tessa read to him for a change.

Zach: You have been a bad Daddy today, so you do not get a book

Daddy: Pleeeeeaaase!

Zach: Your ear is too late

Daddy: But the rest of me is on time

Zach: Your face and nose are too late too!

Daddy: [makes sad face]

Zach: We can't read, Silly Daddy!

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