Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fiddle in the Band

Mommy and Zach were in the car listening to some music when a country song came on that has the lyrics, "if you want to play in Texas, you got to have a fiddle in the band".

Zach:  Mommy, that song is not true.  I played in Texas and I did not have a fiddle in my band.

Mommy: In this case, a band is a group that plays music, not a band like on your clothes.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Daddy was reading Zach the Donut post from last week.

Zach:  That is crazy.  Who would eat a donut that was on the wall?

Daddy: Zach, you said that last week!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

More feeling sorry

Daddy was going out of town for business and the Grandparents were in Florida. Mommy was taking care of the kids by herself for three days.

Tessa:   I feel really sorry for you.  You don't know how to take care of with us without daddy, grandma or grandpa.

Mommy:  Sweetie, Grandma and Grandpa didn't always live here. Believe it or not, I took care of both of you all by myself a lot when Daddy went on trips.

Zach: But we were babies then.


There is somewhat of a family tradition that on the weekends Grandpa takes that kids to get bagels or brings bagels back from Einsteins for the kids to eat.  This weekend the grandparents and the parents were doing a garage sale at the grandparents house and Grandpa brought back some bagels for the kid's breakfast.

Grandpa: Zach, I brought back bagels.  What kind do you want:  pumpernickel or an everything bagel?

Zach:  PUNKernickle, of course!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Zach: If I throw a donut on the wall and it sticks to the wall then I should eat it.

Daddy: You don't want to eat a donut that it stuck to the wall.

Zach: I like donuts and walls, so why not?

A family of Love

Some time ago Daddy taught Zach the "First is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the hairy chest" saying. Every time that Zach gets in the car he points out who is the worst, best, and hairy chested. The family went out for Mother's Day dinner a day early and on the way home Zach brought it up again.

Zach: Mommy is the worst, Daddy is the best, and I am the one with a hairy chest.

Tessa: We don't want mommy to feel bad. We are a "Family of Love" and we don't want Mommy to think that she is the worst.