Thursday, March 3, 2011

It is okay for both of you to work there

One weekend Daddy and Zach were watching TV and a commercial for Boeing came on.  

Daddy: You know, I work for Boeing.

Zach: I know.  My friend Daniel's Dad works for Boeing too.  You need to quit Boeing.

Daddy:  Why is that?

Zach: Daniel and I decided that both of our dads cannot work there.

Several weeks later on the drive back from the gym:

Zach: My friend Daniel and I decided that you do not need to quit Boeing.  It is okay for both of you to work there.  In fact, I decided that I am not going to marry Daniel (see here).  Instead; we are both going to work at Boeing when we grow up.

Daddy:  I always imagined you owning your own a bagel store.  What will you name your bagel store?

Zach: hmmm...Mortimer Snerd.  I like it when Grandpy calls me that.

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