Monday, August 13, 2012

Most Disgusting thing ever

Tessa and Zach were across the street playing with the neighbors for 20 Mins.  Zach comes in this ensues:

Daddy: Why are you back so soon?

Zach: (out of breath) ...I just saw the most disgusting thing ever...mmmm...I don't even want to talk about it.  Don't even ask me about it.

Daddy: (Turns off TV)

Mommy: Tell us about it.

Zach:  They were watching a video of two naked people "doing it".  It was disgusting.  Then I went in their house and they were watching scary Clown movies on the iPad.

Daddy went over and checked out the Clown and found that they were harmless.  He could not find anything on the couple "Doing it".  Long discussions with children ensued...

10 minutes after Zach went to bed he got out of his room and said: Daddy I cannot sleep--everytime I close my eyes I see that disgusting stuff 

Just try and think of something else.

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